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10 Best Cases and Sleeves for MacBook Pro 16-inch

The 16″ MacBook Pro has arrived on the expected line. H5N1 larger display featuring slimmer bezels, a novel magic keyboard alongside a scissor mechanism, together with the robust 100 watt-hour battery ready the notebook a top-notch property for pros. Looking at the form-factor, it’s clear that Apple has position to …

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Alcatel 3T10 Is a Feature Rich Tablet Plus Smart Home Hub

If you’ve been looking for a smart habitation hub of sorts for your home, you lot actually should own got a facial expression at the Alcatel 3T10 tablet. This is a characteristic rich tablet that comes alongside either a keyboard, or a Bluetooth speaker inwards the box (depending on what …

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Delhi is Choking: Here Are 10 Best Air Purifiers You Can Buy

If you lot stimulate got been next the intelligence lately, you lot must stimulate got heard well-nigh the worsening air character index inwards Delhi. The air character has larn so bad that the living atmospheric condition inwards Delhi NCR share has been compared to living within a gas chamber. The …

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7 Best AirPods Pro Cases and Skins You Can Buy

AirPods Pro non exclusively warrants a whopping $249 cost tag but also a mindboggling repair cost – $89 for each earphone (out-of-warranty). Add to that the $89 servicing cost for the wireless charging illustration in addition to your wallet mightiness already stimulate to experience lite – if non empty. Jokes …

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AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2: Which One Should You Buy?

With everything from the flagship iPhone, iPad, as well as MacBook assuming a “Pro” tag, it was exclusively a affair of fourth dimension earlier Apple’s most pop wireless earphones joined the bandwagon every bit well. Days after iOS 13.2 beta gave acceptance to the rumors of the higher-end AirPods, Apple …

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